"I want to go to Mercury"

Kyle's artwork on display the Perry school carnival.

Kyle the Astronaut

The carnival had a space theme.

Space Dancing!

Astronauts need to cut loose too!

Kyle at the Carnival

Under the Milky Way tonight...

LATE Spring Snow

April 23-24, 2005. WAY too late in the season!

Red Maple Tree

Boys & I in front of a tree I helped plant when I was 3.


I've posted a couple of experimental "home movies". 
These were taken on my digital camera, so it's not exactly
Hollywood-caliber camera work.  These are large files, in .avi format;
you should have a high-speed Internet connection to download.

Waiting in the Truck:  15MB .avi

A Moment of Soccer:  8 MB .avi
(Note - Nick is # 7 in Blue)